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Welcome to MindQuieter!

Built as a learning experience for a new computer science student, MindQuieter evolved from a simple question - "how do I write a program to draw a circle?" - into an interactive web application with hypnotic animations.

Start by navigating the rest of the tabs, and use the slider bars to alter the pattern and colors on the canvas. Also note the buttons below the canvas. At any time, you may animate the canvas, stop the animation, reset to the original canvas, or switch to fullscreen (fullscreen not available on smartphones).

A screen larger than your smartphone is recommended. Enjoy, and thanks for giving it a try!
First, choose the number of sides for each polygon drawn,
then use the sliders to change the pattern on the MindQuieter canvas.

Starting Size controls the size of the shapes closest to the center of the canvas.
Incremental Change controls how much the shapes change in size as they get farther from the center of the canvas.
Spacing controls how close together the shapes are.

Try them out, and see how the pattern changes!
The buttons at the top toggle between the background color controls and the foreground color controls.

The Red, Green, and Blue sliders change the RGB (red, green, blue) values for customized colors. The Red Variance, Green Variance, and Blue Variance sliders adjust the colors of the foreground so that they change gradually from the center of the canvas to the perimeter of the canvas.

If you are unfamiliar with RGB color values, you may find some of the results of the color controls surprising at first. You will catch on quickly just experimenting with them. If you would like a better understanding of RGB color model or RGB color values, visit the pages linked below:
Audio options coming soon!

In the meantime, play your favorite mind-quieting music while you use the app for maximum enjoyment.